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The Old North and the Beach Area, with the influx of the French buyers over the past 10 years, changed significantly, making it one of the most expensive area. From the North at the Namal (Old Port of Tel Aviv) to the south near Shouk Hacarmel area and a few blocks east from the sea down to Dizengoff and Ibn Gvirol. It is still attracting the investors as well as those interested in relocation (the “beach lovers”)

  • The Heart of City is the area around Rothschild blvd – Habima – Sheinkin street and Nahmani. This area is more about the architecture: Bauhaus and historical buildings. It also has seen a significant rise in prices.
  • Jaffa and Florentin is the surprise of the last decade. People who “smelled it” and bought at that time, more than doubled their investment today. It is mainly a “rental and hip area” for the younger generations
  • The New North Bavli – Kikar Hamedina – Yehuda Maccabi – Zameret (Yoo buildings area) and more. Not an area that tourits typically visit and thus mainly remained residence of the local Israeli population.
  • Ramat Aviv used to be considered the “upper class” suburb of Tel Aviv for decades. It is now integrated in the larger Tel Aviv community. It is very family oriented and more affordable than the central neighborhoods.