The New North

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This is one of the largest residential neighborhoods separated in two main areas the Old North and the New North.
The new North is including areas such as : Kikar Hamedina – Bavli –– Yehuda Maccabi – Park Zameret –
In this part of town you can find newer “regular” buildings (built in the 80’s and 90’s) when more families came to live in Tel Aviv Intra muros. The Price of Real Estate is typically
lower than in the Beach Area or the Heart of Tel Aviv.
New Towers have lately popped up in these quarters on pieces of land that stayed raw land for years. Here too we can see  buildings going thru the TAMA38 process: older buildings being remodeled for strengthening where there is the add on of a “safe room” and elevator as well addition of a penthouse on two levels contact us 

For many years large parcels of land were not built on and in the 90’s the city gave permits and allowed the building of Towers (Such as Akirov – Yoo )– The Towers are now sold considered “luxury” apartments with amenities in the building such as : doorman, fitness room, pool and more. They all answer to the buyers criteria for a “luxury lifestyle” and offer balconies, underground parking, storage rooms on top of all the other amenities.
The apartments dating from the 80’s offer also parking (but outdoors under the building), larger square footage but no balconies (not in request at that time) the accent was on more space inside the home.

Park Zameret is a neighborhood on its own with its 10 Towers (the last one is still under construction) and a shopping mall – just an enclave where buying is affordable but the monthly fees quite high justified by doormen- pools and fitness in the buildings. Many investors and rentals in that neighborhood offering very attractive lifestyle to the new generation of “Tel Avivim” Contact us