The Old North – The Beach Area

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From the North at the Namal (Old Port of Tel Aviv) going South to Shuk Hacarmel area and a few blocks east from the sea down to Dizengoff and Ibn Gvirol. It is attracting the investors and mainly the Europeans relocating and interested in living close to the beach.
The apartments and the buildings, in this area, are typically remodeled or even newly built. Many of them offer balconies which were and are still, today, the primary request for the European buyers. The builders and developers catered to French and Europeans buyers during the last decade and until do today.
Whether you have a view of the water or not, the proximity and walking distance to the beach is the defining amenity for prices. contact us 
For 3 rooms– upgraded – average 70 square meters – with balcony, whether in a remodeled building or even new building, the price would be approximately 3.8M NIS
A 4 room apartment, up to 90/100 square meters will run, depending on the amenities and the location, from approximately 4.8M to 7M NISM
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Of course, if the unit is in an older building, not remodeled, with no amenities such as elevator, safe room and parking, then the price could be up to 20% less

This area is particularly excellent for short term vacation rentals and resale value. The inventory for rentals and sales is very low and that certainly helps keeping prices up