The Heart of Tel Aviv

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The buildings in this area are rich in history and great eclectic design, as well, we can  see a great number of Bauhaus design buildings.  The houses on Rothschild Blvd (very artsy and young hipster population) are in good company with the towers built over 2 decades ago giving business and banks new homes.
The area also includes the Habima square with the theater and cultural center, and of course restaurants and classy hang out places. contact
For  3 room apartment – upgraded – average 70 square meters –  whether in a remodeled building or even new building the price would be approx. 3.8M NIS
A 4 rooms up to 90/100 square meters will run approximately from 5.5M up to 7.5M NIS depending on the amenities and the quality of the building
The penthouses, in remodeled buildings, would run over 9M NIS

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All the streets coming from Allenby up to Rothschild, such as the famous Sheinkin, Balfour and Nahmani Streets have jewels of historical buildings. A great number of them have been remodeled keeping their character with high ceilings and small balconies