Ramat Aviv

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Ramat Aviv neighborhood was created around the Tel Aviv University in the 60’s and expanded, since then, to the West towards the water and the North.

The quarters in Ramat Aviv include: Azorei Chen; Lamed; Gimel; Hahadasha; Nofei Yam

Quite a large area but still part of the City of Tel Aviv.
It is only in the 90’s when Tel Aviv became crowded that the city pushed to the North and the West. Developers built beautiful buildings on cheaper land and created a “bourgeois” neighborhood at affordable prices

The high end Ramat Aviv Mall changed the whole perception of the area and residents of Tel Aviv (Proper) came “all the way” to Ramat Aviv to shop in a luxury environment. contact us

3 room apartments – 80m2 to 90m2 sell for  4M NIS approximately , with balconies, parking and storage rooms with low to average monthly maintenance fees

4 and 5 rooms 100m2 to 150m2 will sell between 5 to 7M NIS depending on the building and the size of the apartment.
If YOU DO NOT NEED to be in Tel Aviv center and you want wider, cleaner streets, a beautiful shopping center, parking and a storage room for each home, then Ramat Aviv is the place to be. Contact  us

Larger inventory and resistance from the European influx to move that far away  from the Tel Aviv beach, helped to keep the prices affordable for very lovely apartments in upscale buildings where the monhly fees are also reasonable.